Why Only One Class in College Matters

Colleges in the US require students to attend general education classes before they are expected to choose a specific field to gain knowledge in. To most, this is a nuisance, as many of the classes that they are required to take are not where their passions are taking them. It is the truth that many of the classes that college students take will not matter in their careers, and will serve no purpose in their professional lives. However, the one that matters most to these students stands as the one that revolutionized their world, and gave them the seed from which they grew their passions and dreams.

This is the classes that universities should strive to offer to its students. Instead of focusing on teaching students a little bit about everything, colleges all over the US should focus on classes that inspire students and give them the drive to continue learning in an area. General education should be used to find people’s passion, not to fill in the time they are at school. Giving students this opportunity to become inspired by a class makes that class the only one that matters in their college career, because lifetime inspiration defeats any level of education without ambition.

A student at the University of California at Santa Cruz used this philosophy to build the successful business that he operates today. Though many of the classes did not interest him, Aaron Cheiffetz took the opportunity to attend an organic horticulture certification program, which lead to his passion for organic produce. He now owns a 100% organic ranch that supplies to the Northern California area. Only one class mattered to Aaron, and to the thousands of other students nationwide, that one class will continue to be their driving force.


The Debate of Chemical Use in The Nation’s Food

Much of the foods that are purchased in stores nationwide contain more chemicals than meets the eye. Attempts at lengthening the preservation, improving taste and creating more physically appealing foods has sent the industry into an increase in chemicals throughout the entire process of the foods growth. From pesticides in the fields, to chemical-washing in production and preservative additions in packaging, these foods have become far from what the ancestors of the day used to consume. Is this choice by national food producers a good decision, or is there a better way to serve food to a community?

Aaron Cheiffetz
Aaron Cheiffetz

Many people would argue that these steps are unnecessary, and serve only to make foods more provocative for shoppers. Like other industries, the food companies compete for the market share by offering better tasting, better smelling, and better looking foods for people to purchase. This game of dressing up foods has caused a lot of compromise in the chemical components added to a food. Large fast food chains act as a testimony to this change, with their foods being almost entirely aesthetic and chemically-based.

This has caused a rapid growth in the demand for organic produce. As people begin to understand the need for more natural food, agricultural leaders like Aaron Cheiffetz are beginning to step in to aid in the fight for healthier produce. The owner of a self-sustaining ranch that serves Northern California, he has built his success out of building relationships with local businesses in his community, helping to create a network of local supporters that wish to have a healthier consumption of food in their diet.

Popularity in Industry – Becoming a discovered entrepreneur

Many people always explain how they become successful as hard work and commitment. There is also misconceptions amongst many people in the workforce that their jobs may just be as best as they are. Sometimes it takes some imagination, hard work and having a very good eyes on what exactly makes you more productive and prosperous for the business. Having a positive outlook on what you may bring to the business is what motivates upper management to pay closer attention on your particular style, commitment and willingness to make business successful. Most people in the workforce, tend to bleed themselves out by losing motivation. It is a very real assumption that a business that has a pool of talent will eventually narrowed down candidates that will eventually move on up to offer more services that are better compensated.

Aaron Cheiffetz

Having responsibilities to ensure that businesses have access to the best of your services is extremely important in keeping relations strong and prosperous. Demand and supply can either make a company were successful or take a company down the closing. Aaron Cheiffetz has always been position where everything he has been recognized for started from a very beginning platform. By the year 1997, he had become a regional manager in a thriving market which catered over 2000 products to over 70 distribution points on an almost daily basis. He had went from the driver making friends and acquaintances at loading docks to the gentleman shaking hands with store managers as he would drive away making them feel safe with his business arrangements.

Big Changes – Partings in life

In the agriculture business there are many benefits of opportunities in just about every corner of the country and world. Sometimes opportunities are always welcome and in cases it is because of a need and the decision to move on. Also there are many challenges that come about whenever somebody decides to move on to a different area in the agriculture business. Seasons can change the either shorten or become longer. There is also the challenge of one’s ability to adapt a different environment and be successful with product that is in demand that area. The horticulture of Northern California is very friendly logically to just about every type of fruit, vegetable, tree and flowers.

Aaron Cheiffetz

In the early spring of 1990, Aaron Cheiffetz’s father Odell passed away the age of 63 due to cancer. It was a major change for him and his brother, but most of all for his mother. Karen had about a year to try to help her husband during his chemotherapy treatments and was extremely exhausted physically and mentally. Dell was always prepared for this situation and left the home and the substantial amount of retirement fund and living benefits. But this would not be a way for his mother to recuperate from the loss. He realized that she needed her family or the never so they moved to Boise, Idaho where his aunt lived. He had realized there was another potential opportunity is career up in Idaho in the Pocatello Valley.

UC Santa Cruz – Organic Agriculture Studies

Every profession has its beginning, and its requirements. Organic agriculture definitely has its sciences which are infused with standards and requirements in order to be accepted by the open market. There are many who attempt to get into the organic foods business, but many have obstacles that create a sophistication in the process of becoming a legal, accepted, and marketable producer. For one there needs to be the knowledge of how to produce quality product which can greatly impact how well the company does he go into organic agriculture. And there is the engineering behind organic agriculture as many farms that have become a valuable source organic produce me to have variety and acceptable growth conditions. There is definitely a science and schematic involved with organic agriculture. Takes a great deal of knowledge to understand what types of necessities such as soil properties, and parasite control to make the product marketable.

Aaron Cheiffetz
Aaron Cheiffetz

The program at UC Santa Cruz has been a great experience in starting point for many students in pursuit of obtaining ABA and even PhD in environmental studies/archaeology. This program has been very successful for sustainable agriculture education. Aaron Cheiffetz has been very successful in his pursuit of vast knowledge in agriculture. It is open his eyes to the high demand market for organic foods, and agricultural services which is an essential profession in high demand at all times. It is been a great way for Aaron to put his name into a very profitable market which is showing very positive results in his book of business.