UC Santa Cruz – Organic Agriculture Studies

Every profession has its beginning, and its requirements. Organic agriculture definitely has its sciences which are infused with standards and requirements in order to be accepted by the open market. There are many who attempt to get into the organic foods business, but many have obstacles that create a sophistication in the process of becoming a legal, accepted, and marketable producer. For one there needs to be the knowledge of how to produce quality product which can greatly impact how well the company does he go into organic agriculture. And there is the engineering behind organic agriculture as many farms that have become a valuable source organic produce me to have variety and acceptable growth conditions. There is definitely a science and schematic involved with organic agriculture. Takes a great deal of knowledge to understand what types of necessities such as soil properties, and parasite control to make the product marketable.

Aaron Cheiffetz
Aaron Cheiffetz

The program at UC Santa Cruz has been a great experience in starting point for many students in pursuit of obtaining ABA and even PhD in environmental studies/archaeology. This program has been very successful for sustainable agriculture education. Aaron Cheiffetz has been very successful in his pursuit of vast knowledge in agriculture. It is open his eyes to the high demand market for organic foods, and agricultural services which is an essential profession in high demand at all times. It is been a great way for Aaron to put his name into a very profitable market which is showing very positive results in his book of business.


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