Big Changes – Partings in life

In the agriculture business there are many benefits of opportunities in just about every corner of the country and world. Sometimes opportunities are always welcome and in cases it is because of a need and the decision to move on. Also there are many challenges that come about whenever somebody decides to move on to a different area in the agriculture business. Seasons can change the either shorten or become longer. There is also the challenge of one’s ability to adapt a different environment and be successful with product that is in demand that area. The horticulture of Northern California is very friendly logically to just about every type of fruit, vegetable, tree and flowers.

Aaron Cheiffetz

In the early spring of 1990, Aaron Cheiffetz’s father Odell passed away the age of 63 due to cancer. It was a major change for him and his brother, but most of all for his mother. Karen had about a year to try to help her husband during his chemotherapy treatments and was extremely exhausted physically and mentally. Dell was always prepared for this situation and left the home and the substantial amount of retirement fund and living benefits. But this would not be a way for his mother to recuperate from the loss. He realized that she needed her family or the never so they moved to Boise, Idaho where his aunt lived. He had realized there was another potential opportunity is career up in Idaho in the Pocatello Valley.


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