The Debate of Chemical Use in The Nation’s Food

Much of the foods that are purchased in stores nationwide contain more chemicals than meets the eye. Attempts at lengthening the preservation, improving taste and creating more physically appealing foods has sent the industry into an increase in chemicals throughout the entire process of the foods growth. From pesticides in the fields, to chemical-washing in production and preservative additions in packaging, these foods have become far from what the ancestors of the day used to consume. Is this choice by national food producers a good decision, or is there a better way to serve food to a community?

Aaron Cheiffetz
Aaron Cheiffetz

Many people would argue that these steps are unnecessary, and serve only to make foods more provocative for shoppers. Like other industries, the food companies compete for the market share by offering better tasting, better smelling, and better looking foods for people to purchase. This game of dressing up foods has caused a lot of compromise in the chemical components added to a food. Large fast food chains act as a testimony to this change, with their foods being almost entirely aesthetic and chemically-based.

This has caused a rapid growth in the demand for organic produce. As people begin to understand the need for more natural food, agricultural leaders like Aaron Cheiffetz are beginning to step in to aid in the fight for healthier produce. The owner of a self-sustaining ranch that serves Northern California, he has built his success out of building relationships with local businesses in his community, helping to create a network of local supporters that wish to have a healthier consumption of food in their diet.


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