Why Only One Class in College Matters

Colleges in the US require students to attend general education classes before they are expected to choose a specific field to gain knowledge in. To most, this is a nuisance, as many of the classes that they are required to take are not where their passions are taking them. It is the truth that many of the classes that college students take will not matter in their careers, and will serve no purpose in their professional lives. However, the one that matters most to these students stands as the one that revolutionized their world, and gave them the seed from which they grew their passions and dreams.

This is the classes that universities should strive to offer to its students. Instead of focusing on teaching students a little bit about everything, colleges all over the US should focus on classes that inspire students and give them the drive to continue learning in an area. General education should be used to find people’s passion, not to fill in the time they are at school. Giving students this opportunity to become inspired by a class makes that class the only one that matters in their college career, because lifetime inspiration defeats any level of education without ambition.

A student at the University of California at Santa Cruz used this philosophy to build the successful business that he operates today. Though many of the classes did not interest him, Aaron Cheiffetz took the opportunity to attend an organic horticulture certification program, which lead to his passion for organic produce. He now owns a 100% organic ranch that supplies to the Northern California area. Only one class mattered to Aaron, and to the thousands of other students nationwide, that one class will continue to be their driving force.


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